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Trusts provide a legal framework for assets, companies or money to be held for the benefit of others under the management of trustees.

TLS Solicitors can help you create, operate and manage UK and offshore trusts. We have a wide-ranging expertise in creating trusts for families, businesses and charitable causes. This means we can help you:

  • Structure the right trust for you
  • Monitor and manage your trust investments
  • Make the best arrangements for any vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Complete accurate annual trust management accounts
  • Resolve inheritance disputes

Trustees and beneficiaries

If you’re a trustee, we can help you execute your duties in line with trust law. If you’re a beneficiary or interested party, we can advise you in respect of any concerns you may have.

We can also help you make financial provision for – and manage the affairs of – elderly, young or vulnerable people unable to cope without assistance.

Our fee structure is flexible, transparent and competitive. We can work on a fixed fee, retainer or capped hourly rate basis – whatever’s most suitable for you.

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