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We offer a range of services to cover all your legal needs relating to employment.

Whether you’re an employee or employer, the law is complicated. Legislation governing dismissal, discrimination, settlement agreements, redundancy, tribunals and employment contracts constitute a legal minefield for people on both sides of the employer / employee relationship.


Disruption at work can be distressing, both financially and emotionally.

At TLS Solicitors, we have a dedicated and experienced team that realises this and is ready to help.


Our employment department has long been trusted to deliver practical advice on a huge range of employment related matters. We act for a broad range of commercial clients, including UK-based and international companies.

Employment Tribunal Procedure

A claim to an employment tribunal begins when the relevant tribunal office receives a claim form, known as ET/1.

Which tribunal office deals with the claim will depend on where the claimant worked.

Once the claim form, ET/1 is lodged, the respondent (usually the employer) has 28 days to lodge a response form, ET/3, presenting its Grounds of Resistance.

Settlement Agreements

At TLS Solicitors we try to keep things simple.

Here we provide a brief definition of what a settlement agreement is and what we can do for both employers and employees when requiring legal representation.

Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE)

The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment), Regulations 2006 (TUPE) protect employees when a contract of employment transfers from one organisation to another.

Mergers and acquisitions, the sale of a business or the transfer of a major contract between providers are examples of where TUPE would apply.

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