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Franchising is potentially lucrative for both franchisor and franchisee. But it’s also complex for both parties involved.

At TLS Solicitors, we take franchising seriously. Its our job to make sure your franchise agreement protects your best interests, whatever side of the contract you’re on. We also have an impressive track record in resolving franchise disputes.

Buying a Franchise

In the UK, franchised businesses sell everything from fuel to fast food, diet plans and dog grooming.


The vast majority of franchisee / franchisor relationships are positive and profitable for both parties. However, disputes can and do arise from time to time.


As a franchisee, you’ll need reliable, no-nonsense, cost effective legal advice.

What is Franchising?

In franchising, a business owner (called a franchisor) lets an individual or business (the franchisee) replicate its business idea or model by granting a licence.

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