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Need property advice?

Buying, selling, leasing. Building, developing or managing. Whatever your role in the property sector, expert legal advice plays a crucial role in negotiating contracts, ensuring financial outcomes and minimising exposure to risk and legal liabilities.

At TLS Solicitors, our comprehensive suite of property law services has you fully covered.

Commercial Leasing

We believe that no matter how much you know about property, you can’t get too much professional legal advice when it comes to granting, taking or extending a commercial lease.

Construction Contracts

When you’re ready to get started on your new build or property development project, TLS Solicitors can ensure your construction contract gives you the control and financial outcome you need.

Joint Ventures

TLS Solicitors specialises in developing joint ventures and can help build yours on a solid legal foundation.

Leasehold Extension & Enfranchisement

Whether you are a leaseholder, a freeholder or a property professional, expert solicitors at TLS Solicitors can help you with a wide range of legal services relating to leasehold properties.

Planning and Environmental Issues

We live in an age of ever-increasing liability. That’s why TLS Solicitors has developed a particularly strong offering in this area.

With deep, specialist knowledge in legal responsibility, we can help you protect your interests and limit your environmental liabilities.

Property Developments

Whether large or small, property development projects can involve complex legal procedures and detailed negotiations.

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