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Unfair Dismissal

Every eligible employee has the right not to be unfairly dismissed.

Every claim for unfair dismissal is unique and viewed on its own facts. Being eligible means having been continuously employed for two years before being unfairly dismissed (though there are some exceptions).

So, if you’ve worked for your employer continuously for two years and believe you’ve been dismissed unfairly, you can bring a claim against the employer.

Your employer must show they had ‘good reason’ to dismiss you and prove they acted ‘fairly’ in the way they handled the dismissal. The rules concerning ‘good reason’ and ‘fairness’ are complicated because they’re based on a mixture of employment related statute and past employment related case law.

Let TLS Solicitors help you bring your unfair dismissal claim.

Firstly, we’ll assess your situation and advise you on the legal technicalities of unfair dismissal claims. Then we’ll assist you in drafting your Employment Tribunal Claim (ET/1 claim) form in the required time limit. In most cases, this is within three months of your effective date of termination, which is normally the date you’re dismissed. Exceptions to this time limit apply in circumstances such as discrimination on grounds of sex or race.

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