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Divorce and Separation

We offer fixed fee quotes for divorce and separation agreements. Relationship breakdowns can be complicated enough, at TLS Solicitors we work tirelessly in your best interests speak in plain language and most importantly, keep it simple.

Our Divorce Solicitors offer Fixed Fee Divorce for £500 plus VAT and Court Fees (£550) (Total £1150) or a Fixed Hourly Divorce Solicitor rate from £250 per hour including VAT. When we have provided you with a written fixed fee quote for the agreed work on your divorce case, that fee will not change. The vast majority of matters can be attended to within the above fixed price but if there are exceptional circumstances then a fee range will be provided.


Taking care of the most complex of financial issues

When it comes to money and divorce settlements, we are able to deal with complex problems such as pensions, maintenance, trusts, valuations and division of business interests and property, and will endeavour to negotiate amicable settlements whenever possible.

What’s the issue?

We can help you with:

  • Divorce law
  • Clean break divorce/divorce settlements
  • Pension sharing on divorce
  • Pre nuptial agreements
  • Co-habitation agreements
  • Cohabitees property rights on separation
  • Cohabitees maintenance rights on separation

Why use a solicitor? I have read online that I can prepare a document myself.

We offer a fixed fee to attend to your divorce, Kate Poole working in our family department has a vast knowledge of this area of law and provides a free initial consultation.

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