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Family Issues

Everyone is different and whilst everyone should be treated equally they should also expect to be treated differently depending on their needs.

Working with clients we aim to come up with the most suitable plan for their individual family needs and family issues. We put client care and client service levels at the heart of our business and we deliver excellent customer services to all of our clients across the firm, our family team reflects our core values.

Civil partnerships

Civil partnerships have been available in Britain since 2005, offering both parties similar legal rights and responsibilities to those opposite sex couples obtain through marriage.

Co-habitation agreements

Co-habitation Agreements cover a variety of different scenarios for a number of different types of living arrangements.

How much do co-habitation agreements cost?

Like many of the services we offer we aim to offer a fixed fee for most co-habitation agreements, if your assets are more than £1,000,0000, or if there are complicated circumstances such as assets overseas we can provide a quote but for all other straightforward co-habitation agreements we charge a fixed fee of £595 plus VAT (£714 including VAT).

Divorce and Separation

We offer fixed fee quotes for divorce and separation agreements. Relationship breakdowns can be complicated enough, at TLS Solicitors we work tirelessly in your best interests speak in plain language and most importantly, keep it simple.

Our Divorce Solicitors offer Fixed Fee Divorce for £500 plus VAT and Court Fees (£550) (Total £1150) or a Fixed Hourly Divorce Solicitor rate from £250 per hour including VAT.

When we have provided you with a written fixed fee quote for the agreed work on your divorce case, that fee will not change. The vast majority of matters can be attended to within the above fixed price but if there are exceptional circumstances then a fee range will be provided.

Pre-nuptial & Post-nuptial Agreements

No one enters a relationship intending it to breakdown, nevertheless they do and as such Pre-nuptial (prenup) & Post-nuptial Agreements can, and do, help.

Our specialist solicitors offer a Fixed Fee Pre-Nuptial / Post-Nuptial Agreement from £595 plus VAT. We provide a free initial consultation and thereafter provide a fixed fee, locking our fees at this point.

Many more couples are taking out prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements. They can help to set out the circumstances of ‘what if’ situations which can be difficult for some parties to deal with. Once agreed they offer clarity if things go wrong.

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