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Supporting Survivors of Abuse: First Light

First Light is a charity dedicated to supporting people impacted by domestic abuse, sexual violence, and church-related abuse. They offer a range of services across the South West, and England & Wales. Every year, thousands of people — including family members, friends, colleagues, and children — are affected by sexual violence and domestic abuse. Their […]

Spotting Economic and Financial abuse against the elderly and vulnerable.

Economic/Financial abuse is more likely to affect the elderly, some due to their vulnerability and disabilities which make them dependant on others. Some of these helpers will have access to their assets – including online banking and shopping apps. Where can Economic/Financial abuse be found in Private client? This type of abuse can be seen […]

The amendment of the Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill and what it means for future leasehold properties

The Government has had its report stage on the 27th February 2024 for the amendment to the Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill. The Bill will introduce a ban on the sale of new leaseholds properties so that properties will be freehold from the outset other than in exceptional circumstances. The Bill will also make long-awaited […]

Is it possible to merge two charities with slightly different objects?

Linking The Charities Act 2011 (CA 2011) gives the Commission the power to link two or more closely related charities ‘for all or any purposes of this Act’, and their guidance states: ‘In practice, we will usually link charities for both registration and accounting purposes and we will occasionally link charities for registration purposes only.’ […]

Are there any rules a personal representative must follow to satisfy themselves as to the identity of a beneficiary particularly if an adult child is illegitimate?

There are no rules nor law as such for these matters as each case will be driven by its own unique facts. It is a matter to discuss with potential personal representatives and to consider in the light of any specific policies laid down by the firm as well as general professional ethics but, ultimately […]